Every women dreamed to own a Chanel handbag but spending ten thousands of dollars for the latest Chanel to keep up to the latest trend, you might have wondered. Perhaps the question flashes in your mind. But we have to be in style wisely.

“Which color is best?”
“Perhaps black is more durable?”
“Is there any more practicle design?”

If you have these wondering, Vintage could be your alternate choice.

You have heard Vintage, but what charm does vintage CHANEL that make CHANEL fans keep pursuing for more.

1. The style never gets old.
2. The craftmanship and materials are more superior before.
3. The price is affordable.
4. Every vintage has its history and stories, it carries it’s personality.
5. Lower chance to clash fashion.
6. It brings out the classic of the spirit of Coco Chanel.

1. The style never gets old

Nowadays, when you decided to buy a new designer bag, you simply have to spend 40 Thousand dollars of your hard-earned money. And after a season or less, “Is that bag from last spring summer collection?” I’m pretty sure that sounds a little upsetting. 30 years vintage design is a little ancient, but fashion is all about classic, a very unique sense. Celebrities, stylist, fashion bloggers never use the word OLD or second-handed to describe a vintage Chanel.

2. The craftmanship and materials for vintage are more superior.

Base on the years of my experience in trading vintage CHANEL, customers feedback and evaluation from the professionals, we agreed to vintage craftsmanship, leather and hardware are commonly better quality and more sustainable.

  1. The gold plated parts contains contain higher gold element compare to the present.Back in the old days, the Chanel logo with the CC trademark, the metal strap are made from metal, and it’s gold-plated ingredients are extremely high. The new Chanel chain are made from silverware, with gold-plated as coating. Using real gold-plated on goldware will not easily oxidation after 20-30 years. That is the reason why vintage Chanel can be maintained in good condition after decades.
  2. Leather qualityVintage leather are softer hence strong, let me try to give example: Free range cattle and sheep grazing on the natural grass VS. bun fed on an artificial farm. Handmade quality for 100 servings of Chanel VS Handmade for 10,000 servings of Chanel market. This gives you an easy way to understand quality differences between vintage and current. The best is you impress the feel with your sense of touch.

There is no secondary market for Chanel, which means no price reduction due to lack of manufacturing process, every piece of the artwork is perfectly done. But once your modern Chanel bag used up to a long time, you will find that the leather and hardware shades are starting to fade, while 20-30 years of history vintage still very well maintain till present, and that is how you know the fascination of vintage is irreplaceable or imitate.

3. The price is affordable

Although that vintage are getting lesser and the price have been increasing, but comparing to the present retail store are still affordable. For example retail store is selling Flap Bag for 30,000-40,000 dollars, similar design vintage is around 20,000 dollars. Given the condition, serial sticker, original package etc. Will it affect the price value, indeed, some of the rare designs could be more pricey than the latest designer bag, overall vintage price is still the half of the new stock, if you are not picky, you could be lucky.

4. Every vintage has its history and stories, it carries it’s personality.

Every piece of vintage has a story behind it, although it might been through a few owner, have it’s owner treat it well, where have it landed footsteps across the globe. Somehow it reflected it’s characteristic on itself. Vintage is a reflection of an era and that uniqueness, fashion trend has it’s life shelf, but after years of transformation, we could only reminisce it’s style. Vintage bag inherit it’s life and it’s story to another new owner, if you ever gotten one piece of vintage, it could be a destiny, and that could be a valuable experience.

5. Lower chance of fashion clashing

We always bump into people who wears the same outfit that you have seen several times on the street, even carries the same handbag model. Have you ever think that you outfit or fashion were one and only remarkable style? For a case like Celine luggage were popular and 4 out of 10 ladies are carrying it, if one among these ladies carries an 80’s classic flap Chanel, don’t you find it fashionable outstanding? It will be flattering, and vintage is getting rarer as days goes by, a perfect condition vintage bag is even harder than you can wish for. Don’t follow blindly to pursuit for luxury, why not choose the suitable ones.

6. It brings out the classic of the spirit of Coco Chanel.

Everybody knows Coco Chanel, as she was the combination of elegance, romantice, wisdom, as the woman of the 20’s generation she was the iconic classics of feminine. There were spirits in every work piece she have worked, when you get to study more about her history and her designing concept, you would be proud of owning a piece of her artwork.

No doubt that Japan owns the biggest volume of vintage bag, and they gather the some rare pieces and good condition of vintage you could ever find. It is no surprise that vintage lover would travel to Japan for vintage hunting.

LOVINTAGE was established in Japan and been collecting vintage Chanel bags and accessories, and recently opens a boutique at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. It is a wonderland for collectors who are particularly fond of vintage Chanel.

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