I believe many vintage followers are interested in how to differentiate the authentication of CHANEL vintage. You can find many amateurs introducing Chanel authenticate, but there are not many professionals who gives analysis. Hopefully we share our professional knowledge would be useful.

Let’s try an experiment, you could find “Chanel vintage bag fake” from your search engine, and you will find the results that the public find interest in Classic Flap bag this kind of classics descriptions.

You will find most talk about from the search platform as the judgement content below:
1. It comes with laser sticker and maintenance card, both serial code have to be tally.
2. The hardware accessories won’t be Philip screws.
3. CHANEL Logo’s font and size of wording.
4. The logo’s overlap structure.
5. Rhombic leather craftmanship and so on.

These are the facts of Chanel, that we have mentioned within the past two years that we have given interviews to several radio stations and fashion magazines. But if you judge a vintage Chanel by only the facts given above, you will be dissapointed.

Previous interview references ↓↓↓
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E週刊 –
香港商報 –
壹週刊 –

Have you know about “Brand appraiser”. In Japan, brand appraiser is a professional qualification, and most vintage store and pre-owned store requires brand appraiser to identify and certified. If you think by judging it’s laser serial code that easy peasy job, can identify a piece of antique, vintage is truly involve professionalism and competence.

Most vintage store or we called pawn in Japan require an appraiser to verify the authenticity of the goods.

In the 80s’ CHANEL bags have launched more than 10 million designs, and there are styles and design guidelines that are not in our modern design standards. I have recently encounter with a strange pattern of vintage Chanel. Take a close look at the CC logo badge that the design are totally different from what we have seen. The both C overlap pattern is nowhere to be found, and if you judge it from what the internet have been telling you, and you will definitely call it counterfeit. According the brand appraiser comment, that besides the badge, everything else qualifies our authenticate standards, and there are two possibilities, either this is high grade counterfeit vintage Chanel, or this is a rare design of vintage Chanel.

It doesn’t seems any unusual from the exterior.
Look carefully at the logo, it shows the double C overlapping directions are abit different.

Honestly I keep it in mind, that this must be a rare piece of vintage Chanel item, but I was worried on how to explain it to the client who brought it in. We immediately brought it to the Chanel retail store for them to do a maintenance and evaluation for the bag. The outcome as I expected, Chanel fix the bag, and issued a warranty certification card alongside with the receipt issued by the retail store. That is the best provenance we could get for our client.

The authencation card and receipt with authentic serial code issued by Chanel Official.
The laser serial code characterization before 1986 doesn’t look common, this is the code design before compare to the modern.

To be honest, i have often encounter with these situations in Japan. Even the locket hardware of the logo are different direction, neither laser serial identification number nor maintenance card, it proven that is the 60s design. If you had the judgement before this content, you wouldn’t think that the Chanel was authentic if you hadn’t meet this incident.

The double C locket design was reverse but it is confirmed this design was in the 60s.

So when you decide to purchase a vintage Chanel, if the pattern you have not seen before, you could get opinion from the experts or a brand appraiser. Vintage good seller requires a antiquities license to be in the practice.