Vintage always appears in  modern fashion industry, vintage style is always an outstanding element and it’s popularity has never faded.

Vintage item earn it’s name for a history at least 10 years or above, in Chanel hundred years of couture history for example, Chanel bags design have 70 years of design and people never stop admire it and always dreamed of having it. Although vintage is preowned, but it doesn’t mean it outdated. For the opposite, it shows a sense of maturity personalities, it’s classic is definitely fashionable.

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During the late 1980s, Japan is facing to a bubble economy era, which the economy has risen and well developed. Japanese are dearly fancy branded goods like Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton etc., when the Japanese were wealthy, most of the branded bags were sold to Japan. And when it comes to the burst of the bubble economy in the 1990s, it ruined the economy foundation and the entire society, many of their branded goods were sold to the pre owned market, it forms Japan today owns the largest vintage bag market. And because the Japanese usage habit, even pre owned products it maintain well, hence counterfeit can hardly be found in Japan, and by this quality assurance makes Japan the vintage attraction for vintage collectors from all over the globe.


Back in the old days, when you want to look for a vintage bag, you can only visit the local pawnbroker, and those places are somehow giving people negative impressions. 

In the recent years, European mainstreams has implicated in many regions, especially Japan, vintage styles is popular in Japan. Many places has fashionable vintage shop, and the refurbished vintage and specified the unique of vintage is in style and in mainstream. In Japan, fashion workers and celebrities having a vintage bags in their closet have become their basic accessories. 


LOVINTAGE have been collecting all various vintage bags and accessories from Japan, besides their unique vision in the vintage market, they have earned their credit by collecting a massive valuable vintage goods, they have their in house appraiser to verified the authenticity and the quality. Assuring the best service in this field, every piece of the valuable vintage goods pass on to the next customer with everlasting classics.


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