CHANEL Vintage Black Lambskin Wallet

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Style Wallet
Year 2002
Color Black
Material Lambskin
Size (inch) W5.7 x H3.7 inch
Size (cm) W14.5 x H9.5 cm
Made in France
Pocket Inside: Zipper Pocket x 1, Pocket x 5
Serial Sticker Not included
Guarantee Card Not included
Original Dust Bag Not included
Original Storage Box Not included
Original Booklet Not included
Product Code JA8


Outside AB
Inside A
Smell No odor noticed.
Note: Please understand that senses of smell varies by person.


Description of Grade
N New
S Unused
SA Less frequently used items
A There is a little feeling, good condition
AB There is a feeling, some noticeable scratches and dirt
B There is a sense of overall use, there is a dirt
BC Overall there is a feeling, a lot of damage and dirty
C There is a sense of overall use, there is noticeable dirty